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UC Next Engagement Meter

Engagement Meter

UC Next is all about incentivizing collaboration using gamification techniques. This includes a UC System wide Engagement meter, which allows the campus locations a friendly but competitive measure of engagement. Points are given to participants in different amounts for winning awards, submitting ideas and collaborating on projects.

How to get points:

  1. Create a project: ADD 5 points; delete a project: SUBTRACT 5 points
  2. Like a project: ADD 1 point
  3. Comment on a project: ADD 2 points
  4. Create an idea: ADD 3 points; delete an idea: SUBTRACT 3 points
  5. Like an idea: ADD 1 point
  6. Comment on an idea: ADD 2 points
  7. Create a group: ADD 3 points; delete a group: SUBTRACT 3 points (can only be done if you are the only person in the group)
  8. Join a group: ADD 1 point; leave a group: SUBTRACT 1 point
  9. Receive a Gold Sautter Award: ADD 25 points
  10. Receive a Silver Sautter Award: ADD 10 points
  11. Receive an Honorable Mention Sautter Award: ADD 3 points